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Selected supplier for Joint Strike Fighter
The Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF), initiated by the US Department of Defense, has selected Trelleborg as a supplier because of the superior performance of its sealing sys...

The art of saving money
How should we use company capital more efficiently? That was the starting point for the project to rationalize capital, which was begun in the Trelleborg Group during fall 200...

Wings on the sea - A380
Building the world’s largest civilian aircraft poses a logistics challengeThe challenge of getting the various parts of the A380 to Toulouse, where the aircraft is assembled, ...

Piloting the agricultural market
In Italy, handheld technology is helping agricultural tire dealers by providing an easily accessible database of tire specifications. In a market where performance is more dec...

Trelleborg goes green
All of Trelleborg’s sites in the United Kingdom have signed a 12-month contract to be supplied with 100 percent "green" electricity. Only 5 percent of total UK production come...

Relief program in Sri Lanka
Immediate disaster relief and long-term projectsTrelleborg maintains operations in several of the countries affected by the tsunami that struck South Asia in late December. Fo...

Earthquake disaster in South Asia
Trelleborg Group organizes relief efforts focusing on Sri LankaTrelleborg has operations in several of the countries affected. None of Trelleborg’s employees has been reported...

Outlook on Russia - interview with Julia Malafievskaja
From Trelleborg’s offices on the top floor of a 13-story-high office block, she can gaze out over a large section of southwest Moscow. Further away, Russia stretches away in a...

Giant bearings for flexing rig
The floating oil rig, the “White Rose, ” uses specially constructed module-support bearings developed by Trelleborg Bakker. Oil extraction is performed at ever increasing dept...

World’s tallest bridge demands advanced sealing technology
The world’s tallest bridge is currently under construction in southern France. Trelleborg’s leading expertise within advanced seals technology is included in the complex hydra...

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