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Glass Microspheres

Eccospheres® glass microspheres are hollow thin-walled glass microspheres composed of sodium borosilicate glass. To the naked eye they resemble a fine, white, free-flowing powder. However, magnification reveals them to be near perfect spheres.

Glass MicrospheresDue to their exclusive glass chemistry and method of manufacture, Eccospheres® glass microspheres exhibit the following properties:

  • High temperature resistance 
  • Good density/strength ratios 
  • Clean surface chemistry 
  • Narrow particle size distribution 
  • Low thermal conductivity 
  • Low dielectric constant 
  • Low dissipation factor

With a global reputation for material development, Trelleborg is a recognised leading manufacturer of advanced glass microspheres and high performance syntactic foams, as used in the aerospace, military, electronics and oil & gas industries.

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